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Our custom enterprise software developers will provide you with unique opportunities to optimize your business processes with an app that’s fast, reliable, and scalable.

  • Whether it’s a customer database or inventory tracking software, the software design must account for its users’ day-to-day needs, meaning your staff, employees, or customers.
  • When a mobile enterprise app is designed and developed by a proven custom enterprise software development company like ours, it can transform how your organization achieves its goals.
  • Utilize powerful technologies for the web and native languages like Swift and Kotlin for mobile apps.
Crisis Driver – App for incident response solutions for organizations

Complete Enterprise Tech Stack

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

  • Xamarin

  • React Native

  • Flutter

  • Objective C

  • Android

  • Java

  • React

  • NodeJS

  • .NET Core

  • Blazor

  • Go

  • MongoDB

  • SQL

  • jQuery

  • AJAX

  • AWS

  • ReactJS

  • Unity

  • PHP

  • C#

  • HTML5

  • JavaScript

Our Enterprise Software Development Process

Step 1

Getting the Idea on Paper

Like mobile app development, every custom software project begins with an in-depth assessment of your project’s requirements and software life cycle. An account executive and project manager will work with you to define your project’s scope and develop a plan of action to outline the time and resources required. During this step, we break down all the app’s potential uses that will determine the user experience. Suppose your application is strictly for internal use. In that case, there will be a more in-depth process of gathering all the necessary integrations and technologies for it to work fluidly with existing systems.

Step 2

Laying Out the Technical Requirements

We’ll help you determine security and encryption requirements, the cost of development, databases and cloud software, as well as integration with hardware that your company utilizes. This step is essential for understanding your goals and identifying a clear plan as we advance in the enterprise software development process. Once a plan of action and statement of work are in place, the project moves to the next phase. This step may require our team to work with your internal IT or development team to ensure we have a clear image of what work is needed to improve your technology stack.

Step 3

Developing Through Agile Methodology

Through agile software development, we develop your project over several iterative cycles. The iterative cycles result in more communication and a continually improved product. New builds of your project are regularly shared with you and your team to solicit feedback and integrate your improvements. This development process is tried and true, resulting in a higher-performing product. If you require a new database or backend system, we’ll work with you to plan a secure way of building the right solution.

Step 4

Rigorous QA Testing

Our quality assurance teams ensure the product is rigorously tested throughout active development, eliminating any bugs found. When it comes time to roll the software out to your organization’s employees and clients, it will be ready for prime time. We conduct several rounds of sandbox testing with your information security in mind. We also test your product in a secure testing environment without impacting your production-level operations.

Step 5

Deploying the Product to Users

At the end of the QA process, your app is deployed either internally or through its platform’s respective marketplace for public use. In either situation, we help educate you on the proper deployment methods. If you are hosting the application in the cloud through AWS or Azure, we can deploy it according to your IT department’s requirements or through an MDM. We also offer support and maintenance after release to keep the product up-to-date and reliable.

How We Manage Your Data in Enterprise Software Development

AWS and RedShift  

Amazon Web Services represent one of the most influential and useful web and data hosting sets in the industry. Our experience with AWS means that we can help you not only launch your solution in the cloud, but we can help you grow your offering to new heights while maintaining a high level of software quality.

Redshift is the Amazon cloud data warehouse, where all your app’s data will be analyzed and combined within different structures to pull insights about your user base and app activity. Redshift is one of the best ways to scale and grow your project while keeping security and performance in mind.


For clients with significant data demands, Zco uses MongoDB to quickly and securely store and retrieve information. As opposed to typical database structures, MongoDB uses collections and documents, compared to tables and rows. As a distributed database, MongoDB ensures that no matter how large a software product, its data will scale according to the application’s needs. We may use MongoDB for your project for instances where we need to work with Big Data, mobile and social infrastructure, and manage user data.


Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, is utilized by international companies and small businesses for remote data management and processing. Azure offers an enhanced security level and is often the choice of government organizations looking for cloud computing and storage. Azure offers AI-driven data processing, hosting, and over 100 tools to support your organization. We can use Azure to augment and help our clients, from virtual machines to encrypted and high-performance databases. This level of reliability, security, and scalability is just one reason we leverage this tool to deliver high-quality software development services.

IoT Automation

Integrating enterprise-grade solutions with IoT requires reducing manual work and increasing overall business efficiency. With our dedicated team of IoT engineers and developers, we can create software for our clients to watch or monitor thousands of devices simultaneously. With long-range data transmission like 5G, you’re taking advantage of embedded devices with sensors and actuators that provide cloud platforms with relevant data. You can now automate processes that depend on contextual information from machines, vehicles, and other equipment and have a mobile app or software to facilitate that automation.

Secure Solutions

No matter your organization’s size or project’s scope, we will ensure that your software utilizes the latest technology to protect your data. We pride ourselves on integrating only the most advanced and secure technology into our clients’ software as a service (SAAS) products. Whether that means implementing cutting-edge encryption technology, biometric measures, or cloud storage integration, we will find secure custom software solutions to safeguard you and your data. This attention to detail is just one reason why we’re rated as one of the top mobile app and custom software developers in the U.S.

Featured Client Project

Single Digits provides high-speed internet access for enterprise-scale clients in the casino, hospitality, senior living, student housing and transportation industries . This means they must manage hundreds of networks, each with its own collection of devices, clients, and servers. We developed a robust client dashboard and service ticket system that gives their clients up-to-date information on their networks. It even allows for communication with Single Digits directly.
Single Digits Broadband Authentication Platform

Client Success Stories


Burndy, a Hubbel company, has been operating for over 95 years. Naturally, they’ve developed an enormous catalog of connectors and tooling. They needed a way to get their parts database into the consumer’s hands. There’s where Burndy Connect came in, operating on iOS and Android by using Xamarin. With a backend developed in PHP, the app brought unprecedented versatility to its customers while delivering the quality they’ve come to expect from Burndy.


Crisis Driver is an incident management tool for organizations. It provides a mobile app for iOS and Android, developed with Appcelerator. There is also a web-based admin portal written with .Net. Everything needed during a crisis is baked right into the app, just a fingertip away. Many organizations have signed on to their service, especially in the General Contractor sector, to benefit from this comprehensive and customizable solution.


Keystone Automotive is a leader in the distribution and marketing of aftermarket automotive parts. Their eKeystone B2B app, which utilizes Xamarin and .Net, allows for parts lookup and ordering on the go. As a bonus, barcode/VIN lookup capabilities make finding the right part a breeze. With thousands of downloads on the iOS and Android app stores, Keystone can successfully provide customers with newer and better ways to order their products.

Benefits of Enterprise App Development with Zco

Modern. Secure. Scalable. These are just some of the words used to describe the software used by the clients we develop it for. We put maximum effort into every project, ensuring your project is the home run that you need it to be. Our team can take on your entire project, or we offer staff augmentation if you just need a specific skill set.

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Custom software solutions are effective ways to serve your clients and help your employees perform their jobs efficiently.

Key Stages of Custom App Development
We examine the key stages of custom software development and what happens as projects progress between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

What is enterprise software development?
Simply put, an enterprise app is designed to meet the needs of a group of individuals working together rather than a single independent user. An example of this is an app for the purpose of tracking inventory at a warehouse that involves multiple users and an admin system.

What are the stages of the enterprise app development process?
Broadly speaking, the process can be distilled into the following stages:
• Project Planning
• Design
• Development
• Testing
• Launch
The lines of communication will be open during the entire process to ensure that all parties are on the same page and so development can move forward without a hitch.

We have existing software that needs to be updated. Can you work with that?
We can work with your legacy software. Starting with a code review, we’ll determine what can be used from the original code and what needs to be custom built from scratch. A full list of technologies that we work with can be found on our About page.

Do you have your own development team, or do you outsource?
We have our own development team, and each member is a vetted employee. We do not utilize any outside sources for development or any other aspect of our company.

Why should you select Zco for enterprise software development?
Our bread and butter from the beginning has been helping to solve business problems with innovative and long-lasting custom desktop software. Few software development companies can match our experience (over 30 years!) with a complete technology stack that consists of all the best technologies like JavaScript while incorporating newer tech like Blazor and .Net Maui. And most important of all, we prioritize developing a deep relationship with you to produce lasting results.

How do I track the progress of my enterprise app?
Communication is critical in any software development project. We’ll be in constant communication and track every detail using project management tools like Jira. During development, releases of your software general come in two-week long sprints using the agile development process.

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