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Mobile games represent one of the most popular and profitable app market segments. They regularly perform at the top of the most-downloaded charts on marketplaces and can have millions of active daily users.

The mobile games market is an incredibly diverse segment, ranging from multi-billion-dollar grossing 3D games to non-profit educational experiences. Our familiarity and commitment to game development are what have made Zco a leading mobile game development company.

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The State of Mobile Games

  • Some top games have also created a mobile version to reach a wider audience. Think of games like Fortnight or Among Us, which have a large player base on PC. These games now provide mobile applications that can match or outperform the traditional platform depending upon device capabilities.
  • With the introduction of GaaS (Games as a Service) models and companies exploring new ventures, now is the best time to invest your time and resources into a mobile game.
  • The mobile games market is continuing to grow. With trends and personal preferences changing daily, understanding your target audience and selecting the right monetization model has never been more critical.

Featured Mobile Game Development Videos

Why is Unity great for developing Mobile Games?
Learn what Unity is and see why some of the best mobile games run on this engine.

The Mobile Game Design and Development Process
From the initial concept to post-launch support, we cover what would go into the design and development process for your mobile game.

Mobile Game Technologies


Unity has established itself as the most widely used game engine by mobile game companies; for this reason, we have spent numerous person-hours learning the nuances to train our team as industry experts. Its accessible interface and compatibility with many art asset formats make it smoother to prototype and publish projects to different hardware platforms.

With an integrated physics engine, powerful scene editor, and unified structure, Unity has earned its place as the industry’s go-to engine. With Unity, Zco can produce award-winning mobile games that capture the user’s interest. By working with our team, you can bring your game to life in 2D or 3D.


As Adobe Flash has fallen out of favor for interactive web-based content and is no longer supported by the Adobe community, HTML5 and JavaScript have taken their place. Not only are these new frameworks much more secure compared to Flash, but they also benefit from improved native browser compatibility.

Aside from 2D games, Zco can also implement 3D games through WebGL technology. The result is a flexible framework that users can access from most web browsers. There are even numerous games designed in web development languages. They are hosted on community sites like, which only requires you to visit the page and use your mouse to play.

Google Play and iOS Game Center

Each app store platform offers connections to different APIs. This connection means that apps allow users to check real-time information from various sources. Whether that is live updates to scores on a leaderboard or even tracking changes to account information across devices and screens, this accessibility and other tools provided by Apple and Google Play are essential to a multiplayer game’s success

Our seasoned mobile game app developers can integrate your game into Android and iOS ecosystems and can help guide you through the submission, app support, and management processes.

Dedicated Art and Animation Team

Our in-house team of artists, 3D modelers, and animators are experts in using industry-standard tools. Our team is comfortable modeling and animating characters in Maya and Blender, creating UI/UX designs with Autodesk products, and creating traditional 2D concept art authored in Adobe. You can learn more about Zco’s skills, creative capabilities, and long-time expertise on our Animation Services page.

Featured Client App

Issa’s Edible Adventures

Explore the Kitchen
Look inside a working, 3D restaurant kitchen learning all about ingredients, spices, and equipment from across the globe.


Travel to Distant Lands
Fly by helicopter to unique global destinations and learn all about the food, culture, and language.


Cook the Dish
Learn how the different ingredients work and follow step by step instructions to make the dish! If you’re feeling inspired, you can even print out the recipe.

Zco created Issa's Edible Adventures - Children's Cooking Games - Educational App

Our Mobile Game Development Process

Step 1

Project Estimate

Like mobile app development, every mobile game project starts with your initial concept proposal. This proposal can be a feature outline, rough descriptions of the game’s screens or levels, or full-fledged game design documents. We then assess your game’s needs, including target platforms, software frameworks, and technologies. All of this is incorporated into a detailed estimate that is submitted to you for approval.

Step 2

Technical Requirement Analysis

Once the estimate is agreed to, a statement of work (SoW) is drafted, and active development begins. Our designers, artists, and programmers work together to develop a plan to concept and prototype the game. The project leader conducts a detailed analysis of the features to be incorporated, and the game’s designer prepares a game script or storyboard based on the specifications you provide.

Step 3

Gameplay Design

The gameplay design phase starts in parallel with the project’s concept art. UI flow and gameplay mechanic development are performed in this phase as well. Architectural, database, and class design documents are prepared. The documents are then submitted to you for review and confirmation. Based on your feedback during regularly scheduled meetings, we revise the game’s design and architecture.

Step 4

Concept Art

Our artists create concept art by incorporating rough sketches of game characters and other key elements. The artists and designers create 2D images of characters based on your descriptions and feedback. They also prepare the concept art document, where you can provide feedback and detailed changes to the art style.

Step 5

Art Asset Creation

This phase involves creating different game art assets, like character models, UI elements, backgrounds, and others, all based on the concept art. To create these assets, we use software including Maya, Photoshop, and more to craft high-quality art for the game. This phase of the project depends heavily on the game’s art requirements and whether it uses primarily 2D or 3D assets.

Step 6

Active Development

With the art pipeline up and running and the design of the game fully fleshed out, the gameplay engineers and coders can begin implementing the game within the given engine. Code reviews, developer testing, and bug fixes are conducted during the game’s development. Throughout active development, game builds are shared with you to gather feedback and fine-tune the look and feel of the project.

Step 7

Quality Assurance Testing

Mobile games must work well across different screen sizes and device constraints. Our internal team tests our games to optimize performance across multiple devices and ensure all functionalities work correctly. Iterative testing is a critical part of our process to ensure consistent performance, coherent gameplay, device compatibility, and optimized user experiences.

Step 8

Launch & Ongoing Support

Once active development and QA testing wrap up, it’s time to deliver your game to the digital storefronts of your choice. Our team will work with you to create a descriptive listing for your game and implement app store optimization (ASO) to help the game stand out. The process does not end with the product’s launch for many projects. Like other apps, games must be updated to last for years after launch.

Client Success Stories

The Mosquito Mayhem game lets you battle against mosquitoes

Mosquito Mayhem

Mosquito Mayhem was created by Fort Bend County in Texas to introduce public health to a new generation of smartphone users. Through various mini-games, the player must take quick preventative actions to keep mosquitoes from breeding. This emphasizes the need to prioritize control efforts to eliminate breeding sites. The app has successfully instilled Fort Bend’s youngest residents with good mosquito preventive habits.

Coop Squad

Coop Squad is an exciting collection of games, activated by collectible character cards earned as rewards through the Great American or QSP Canada fundraising program. The various character cards allow players to activate fun games or complete and share a “Pay It Forward” act of kindness. With thousands of downloads and hundreds of reviews, Coop Squad has proven to be extremely popular amongst its player-base.

The Lop and Link app is an unique puzzle game

Lop & Link

Simply put, Lop & Link is not your ordinary puzzle game. Math, cipher, word, and letter jumble styles are expertly mixed to provide a never before seen puzzle experience. The latest update included a leaderboard and several quality-of-life improvements. As Lop & Link continues to evolve, so to has the player-base, now numbering in the thousands on both iOS and Android.

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