We are pioneers in medical mobile app development for device integration, clinical trials, workflow automation, and more.

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Versatile Healthcare Mobile App Design

Simple and Secure
Using the most up-to-date encryption methods ensures the safety and security of sensitive data and records. Integration with RedCap helps keep medical data safe.

Database Compatibility
We ensure your custom medical software application can easily communicate with your existing databases and medical data APIs.

HIPAA Compliant Software
Zco is a custom software developer that can create medical applications, custom-tailored to your organization’s protocols and security requirements.

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Featured Medical Client Apps

Measurement Based Care Platform


mindLAMP is a neuropsychiatric research app that runs on both iOS and Android devices. Designed to help users Learn, Assess, Manage, and Prevent, LAMP is a versatile tool that can be customized for numerous clinical and research needs.

The app’s versatility, along with its optimized design and implemented interface, makes it an invaluable utility for mental health researchers. As the app continues to be adopted, its functions and features can be expanded, allowing it to stay current with the evolving mental health field.

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mindLAMP app images on iPhone X
The best healthcare app developer, Zco created the SMI Adviser App

From the American Psychiatric Association

SMI Adviser

Using an online portal and app, SMI Adviser offers expert consultation services and learning opportunities nationwide to support clinicians; including physicians, nurses, psychologists, recovery specialists, peer-to-peer specialists, and others, who provide evidence-based care for individuals living with SMI.

The primary goals of this project were to direct consultations to clinicians, educate on SMI-related practices and use technology to enhance the care of those with SMI and provide real-time needs assessments.

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Work With An Expert Medical App Developer

A Trusted Developer
With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted and reliable custom medical software developers in the industry.

Customized Solutions
We’ll work closely with you to produce powerful and secure medical applications that run across and interface with a wide variety of specialized devices and hardware.

Leverage Existing Assets
Along with the capability to provide ongoing support your app, we also can work with existing code. For these reasons and more, medical professionals choose Zco to develop their custom software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

How much does it cost to develop a medical app?
The cost to make an app will vary depending on functionality and complexity. A compliant server infrastructure with extra security (like anonymized user data and logged database access) is likely going to be required for medical apps. A basic medical app can start at around $40,000 and increase to over $200,000.

What is healthcare app development?

Heathcare app development is when software is created to address a need in the medical industry. Some apps are related to gathering data related to mental illness. Others are games that help patients to cope with their diagnosis. Hospitals may want to provide patients an easier way to access their services.

How is my medical app idea protected?
One of the very first steps in the app development process is to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. This protects both parties and is important since we’ll be working together closely. All source code for the project belongs to you and is provided at the projects completion.

How long does it take to develop a medical app?
Medical apps tend to be more complex and take several months to build as more testing and server set up time is required. It helps if the app idea is clearly defined so we can accurately estimate the time it will take to develop.

How are apps distributed?
Consumers will be able to download apps right on their devices. We’re experts in the submission process, having submitted hundreds of apps for hundreds of clients to the various consumer download services. These include the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play for Android and private distribution for sensitive medical applications.

What are sold examples of medical apps you’ve developed?
Some examples of our medical app portfolio include:

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