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Where Safety Meets Style

The Idea

invisaWear is a line of smart jewelry and accessories that redefines personal protection. A small device is hidden behind everyday items like necklaces, bracelets, and keychains, and allows users to discreetly contact friends, family, and police in case of an emergency.

The concept for the system came from invisaWear’s CEO, Rajia Abdelaziz. A college engineering student at the time, Rajia noticed a steep drop in attendance to evening events by her female colleagues. Citing safety as their primary concern, Rajia set to work to develop a system that would ensure an individual’s safety while remaining discreet, while keeping an attractive and stylish form factor. She knew she would need both custom tailored hardware and software solutions to make her concept a reality.

Reaching out to Zco, Rajia and her associates presented the concept to our project managers, who charted a development roadmap for the project to follow.

invisawear Key Features

Stylish and Discreet

Jewelry that looks stunning and won't alert an attacker when activated.

Low Energy Bluetooth

Connect to your phone from 30 ft. away while saving battery life.

Precise GPS

Provide your authorized contacts and public safety with your exact location.

One Touch 911

Quickly connect to 911 dispatchers when you're in a position to speak.

Secure Medical Info

The app allows you to add secure medical data like allergies and medications.

Native iOS & Android Development

Maximizes performance on both iPhone and Android.

The Process

A key component of invisaWear is its direct link between a Bluetooth-enabled piece of jewelry and the user’s smart device. The secure connection between the two ensures that users will always be only a press away from emergency services and safety when in danger while maintaining their privacy.

Zco’s engineers developed software that would sync effortlessly across a wide array of devices. The app also needed to provide a constant and reliable connection between the jewelry and mobile devices. Through a series of iterative development cycles and quality assurance passes, the software was honed and refined to achieve the objectives of invisaWear’s initial concept.

The app was developed for the iOS and Android platforms and utilizes the Swift and Kotlin programming languages in order to connect via Bluetooth to the accompanying jewelry. These native technologies were chosen as connectivity to Bluetooth through native development ensures a more precise, reliable, and consistent experience.

Zco helped us create an app that integrates directly with our proprietary hardware. Through every phase of the project, their team worked with us to create a product that will help protect people.

– Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of invisaWear

The Results

After the end of active development and quality assurance phases, invisaWear successfully launched for both iOS and Android devices. In its completed form, invisaWear offers rapid response from emergency services and contact notification abilities, all without any direct input to their mobile device. The app also supports emergency services from over 250 countries.

The hardware itself offers a year of battery life and works within 30 feet of the user’s phone. invisaWear empowers individuals to take control of their personal security. Zco is proud to have collaborated with an organization that helps promote personal safety and improves its clients’ lives.

Co-founders Ray and Rajia were even featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for being social impact leaders.


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