Birthstones by Zodiac Sign

Update: After extensive research, I found that the truest zodiac birthstones came from the Bible, as well as those handed down from Chaldean and Hindu astrology. Written 6 years ago, the article below lacks many of said zodiac gemstones.

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Learn of the truest birthstones

Zodiac birthstones are the gemstones assigned to each sign of the zodiac. Before birthstones were organized by the months of the Gregorian calendar, which was finalized only in 1752, birthstones were assigned to every zodiac sign in astrology. These zodiac stones act as zodiac charms or lucky stones, to enhance the good qualities of a zodiac sign, as well as make up for the negative traits and likely shortcomings. Do you know the different choices of zodiac birthstone?

The birthstones of the different zodiac signs. Which is your birthstone?

Types of Zodiac Birthstones

Zodiac signs are not limited to one birthstone alone, but may have several zodiac gemstones:
Main zodiac stones, the most widely accepted lucky stones for zodiac signs as first recorded by G.F. Kuntz.
Alternate stones, other gemstones identified to be a sign’s astrological birthstones by other authors in Western astrology.
Hindu astrology stones, the gemstones assigned to a zodiac sign in Vedic astrology
Planetary stones, the gemstones associated with a zodiac signs’ ruling planet.
Talismanic stones, the gemstones made into talisman for particular zodiac signs.


  • Main: Bloodstone
  • Alternate: Diamond
  • Hindu: Red jasper
  • Planetary: Jasper
  • Talismanic: Topaz

The zodiac stones for Aries are believed to support the dynamic and vigorous nature of Aries people, as well as stabilize their energy, of which they have plenty. The main zodiac birthstone, bloodstone, worn by warriors and athletes in antiquity, is specifically thought to increase physical strength and enhance courage. See 5 Choices of Aries Birthstone.

A piece of bloodstone or heliotrope
Source: Ra’ike via Wikimedia Commons
Sapphire, the zodiac stone for Taurus
Source: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Main: Sapphire
  • Alternate: Amber & Rose quartz
  • Hindu: Rose quartz
  • Planetary: Aventurine & Emerald
  • Talismanic: Garnet

The zodiac stones for Taurus are believed to enhance the strength of the physically active Taurus, as well as infuse emotional wellness into his earthy nature. The main zodiac birthstone in particular, sapphire, is thought to bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment, even said to be an aid in counteracting depression. See 6 Choices of Taurus Birthstone.

Agate Bracelet


  • Main: Agate
  • Alternate: Chrysoprase, Citrine & White sapphire
  • Hindu: Agate & Tourmaline
  • Planetary: Tiger’s eye
  • Talismanic: Emerald

The zodiac birthstones for Gemini are believed to enhance the highly intellectual nature of Gemini people, as well as strengthen their emotional stability. The main zodiac stone, agate, for instance, is thought to give the Gemini person a sense of calm and focus, while enhancing his eloquence and objective thought. See 7 Choices of Gemini Birthstone.

Green crystal of emerald on the rock
Source: Eva Kröcher, CC-BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons


  • Main: Emerald
  • Alternate: Moonstone & Pearl
  • Hindu: Moonstone & Pearl
  • Planetary: Moonstone
  • Talismanic: Sapphire

The zodiac gemstones for Cancer are believed to keep the emotional serenity and heightened perception native to Cancer people, as well as strengthen the impressionable and vulnerable Crab. The main zodiac stone in particular, emerald, is believed to stimulate clairvoyance and bring emotional well-being. See 5 Choices of Cancer Birthstone.

Black Onyx Necklace


  • Main: Onyx
  • Alternate: Sardonyx, Carnelian & Tourmaline
  • Hindu: Ruby, Tiger’s eye, Citrine & Rock crystal
  • Planetary: Rock crystal
  • Talismanic: Diamond

The zodiac stones for Leo are believed to keep the strength of the mighty Lion under better control, as well as reinforce his powerful spirit. The main zodiac birthstone in particular, onyx, is a grounding stone thought to give the Leo person an effective control of his strength, and in this way keep him effectively powerful. See 10 Choices of Leo Birthstone.

Orange Carnelian Ring


  • Main: Carnelian
  • Alternate: Jade, Jasper & Blue sapphire
  • Hindu: Carnelian
  • Planetary: Citrine
  • Talismanic: Zircon

The zodiac birthstones for Virgo are believed to complement the earthy Virgo nature with emotional and spiritual strength. The main zodiac gemstone, carnelian, in addition, is thought to fuel desire and passion, suffusing with fire and fervor the mostly analytical and less emotional Virgo makeup. See 6 Choices of Virgo Birthstone.

Peridot Earrings


  • Main: Peridot
  • Alternate: Lapis lazuli & Opal
  • Hindu: Opal & Aventurine
  • Planetary: Sapphire
  • Talismanic: Agate

The astrological gemstones for Libra are believed to bring the Libra person strength, less indecision, and stronger resolve. The main zodiac birthstone, peridot, for instance, is thought to give a person the courage to face the constraints and challenges that their endeavors entail, which the Libra people are often intellectual enough to foresee. See 6 Choices of Libra Birthstone.

A terrific crystal of aquamarine
Source: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Main: Aquamarine
  • Alternate: Beryl, Obsidian & Apache tear
  • Hindu: Hematite
  • Planetary: Garnet, Ruby & Jasper
  • Talismanic: Amethyst

The astrological stones for Scorpio are believed to absorb negative energy and bring the Scorpio person a good measure of joyfulness. The main zodiac birthstone for Scorpio that was recorded by G.F. Kuntz was beryl, but other Western astrologers identify a specific variety of beryl to be the astrological gemstone for Scorpio — aquamarine. Aquamarine, as well as beryl in general, is thought to relieve anxiety, and bring youthful happiness to the often solemn and serious-minded Scorpio people. See 9 Choices of Scorpio Birthstone.

A yellow topaz specimen
Source: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Main: Topaz
  • Alternate: Turquoise
  • Hindu: Topaz, Turquoise, Sodalite & Brazilian agate
  • Planetary: Topaz
  • Talismanic: Beryl

The zodiac stones for Sagittarius are believed to bestow depth of thought to the highly inquisitive Sagittarius person, as well as the courage to accept the truth. The main astrological stone in particular, topaz, is valued most of all for its acknowledged ability to bestow courage, along with luck, growth and prosperity. See 5 Choices of Sagittarius Birthstone.

A magnificent ruby specimen
Source: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Main: Ruby
  • Alternate: Black onyx
  • Hindu: Onyx & Jet
  • Planetary: Lapis lazuli
  • Talismanic: Onyx

The zodiac birthstones for Capricorn are believed to support, as well as keep grounded, the ambitious nature of the zodiac sign. The main zodiac birthstone in particular, ruby, is thought to give the Capricorn person courage, mental power and peace of mind as he pursues his ambition, while also said to chase away impure thoughts, and thus helping to keep integrity in the potentially powerful Capricorn. See 4 Choices of Capricorn Birthstone.

A gorgeous green variety of garnet
Source: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Main: Garnet
  • Alternate: Moss agate & Sugilite
  • Hindu: Garnet
  • Planetary: Turquoise & Lapis lazuli
  • Talismanic: Jasper

The zodiac gemstones for Aquarius are believed to support the Aquarius person’s gift of friendship, and keep him emotionally intact at the same time. The main zodiac gemstone in particular, garnet, is a symbol of friendship, and was exchanged between friends to demonstrate affection, and increase the likelihood that the friends will meet again in the future. See 6 Choices of Aquarius Birthstone.

Purple Amethyst Ring


  • Main: Amethyst
  • Alternate: Aquamarine & Rock Crystal
  • Hindu: Amethyst
  • Planetary: Aquamarine & Topaz
  • Talismanic: Ruby

The zodiac birthstones for Pisces are believed to support the Pisces people’s natural interest for the spiritual and metaphysical. The main zodiac birthstone in particular, amethyst, is thought to enhance spirituality, as well as nurture gentle and affable qualities, and bring peace, love and happiness. See 5 Choices of Pisces Birthstone.

Other Zodiac Stones

Zodiac birthstones are often shared across several zodiac signs. This redundant arrangement of zodiac stones is not necessarily inconsistent and self-contradictory, since several signs to some extent share the same nature and temperament. Accordingly, the zodiac gemstones that work for one sign may also be helpful to another.

Between two signs claiming the same astrological gemstones, however, this article listed only the zodiac stones of the sign with which they have the strongest affinity. This affinity is reflected in ancient calendars, since it was through astrology that zodiac birthstones eventually became the birthstones for months.

The character on the cover is Aries. He is the strongest warrior of the Kingdom of Ashera.

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Published October 21, 2013

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