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What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is an open source framework created by Google. It’s powered by the Dart programming language. Flutter makes it possible to create a variety of apps using a single codebase, taking the guesswork out of releasing apps on multiple platforms. Developed by Google, the open-source framework comes with everything developers need to finish projects quickly without sacrificing quality.




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Why should you choose Flutter for your project?

Flutter’s cross-platform development capability allows us to build high-quality apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. It’s also a great choice if you want a web app as the code can easily be compiled. Additionally, Flutter’s extensive widget library and customizable UI components enable us to deliver visually stunning and consistent user experiences across different devices.

Flutter’s performance is exceptional, with its native-like rendering and optimized execution, resulting in smooth and responsive applications.

Why choose our flutter app development company?

Our team of skilled Flutter mobile app developers possesses deep knowledge and experience in harnessing the power of this innovative framework. With their expertise, we have successfully created a wide range of feature-rich and visually stunning apps for our clients. Our Flutter development service ensures cross-platform compatibility and guarantees seamless performance and user-friendly experiences.

We prioritize open communication, collaborating closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver highly customized and scalable applications. Furthermore, our proficiency in utilizing the vast Flutter ecosystem and our robust testing methodologies ensure that our apps are bug-free, reliable, and of the highest quality.

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The Flutter App Development Process


We’ll deep dive into the requirements of your project to ensure that Flutter is the best solution.


High-end wireframe tools like Justinmind are utilized to create a blueprint for your app.

UI/UX Design

We establish the look of your Flutter app and how users will navigate from screen to screen.


This is where your app takes shape, and we start delivering functional prototypes.

QA Testing

Robust QA testing is a critical factor when developing an app. We squash bugs before releasing during the testing process.

Maintenance and Support

All apps require updates due to technology changes, market needs, and bugs. We are here to support you with quick updates when these events occur.

Featured Flutter Project

Wisdom To Govern (W2G)

The Akadimi Foundation, with the goal of advancing health sector performance, wanted to create an app to promote good governance practices. The app, created with Flutter app development, is free for boards and executives to encourage stronger governance and greater health outcomes.

Flutter Staff Augmentation

Level up your internal development team with our vetted and experienced Flutter developers, fluent in Dart programming.

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Flutter Development FAQ

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

What are the benefits of Flutter for my business?

Flutter can be a great fit if your business isn’t looking for a particular development language. It’s a well-established language that Google backs. That means it’s stable and receives constant updates to improve performance and security. If you also need a web app, Flutter can save time and costs as it can be compiled nicely from the mobile app. It can also be used for desktop programs and embedded devices (like car infotainment systems).

How long does it take to build a Flutter app?

When it comes to the timeframe to develop an app, the choice of development language is only one of many significant factors. The total time required will come down to the features you want to include, how well the communication flows between you and the developer, and if there are a lot of changes to the original development plan. It’s also critical to provide timely feedback on the builds of your app. Depending on the complexity, you are looking at three months to a year for the finished product.

Is a Flutter app performance as good as native app?

Native apps are written specifically for their platform. iOS uses Swift, and Android uses Kotlin and Java. Hybrid apps like Flutter allow you to use one code base to develop for both iOS, Android, and beyond. The latest hybrid technologies offer a great experience, but native is still ideal if your app uses GPS, animations, or requires hardware integration. If needed, Flutter code can be integrated into a native app, like as a module or library.

What’s the difference between cross-platform languages like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter?

React Native uses JavaScript, Xamarin uses .Net, and Flutter uses Dart. Generally speaking, you’ll have an easier time finding a JavaScript or .Net developer than a Dart developer. However, we have the expertise to work with both. We’ve written a comparison of React Native vs. Flutter vs. Xamarin.