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SuperDraft app created with React Native

Why choose a react native app development service?

Before React Native, many hybrid mobile applications were made using combinations of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS by rendering them using Web Views. While this approach can work, it has significant drawbacks, especially around performance. Also, frameworks that use this approach usually do not have access to the host platform’s native UI elements.

With React Native, however, we use JavaScript/TypeScript to utilize native functionality on both iOS and Android platforms. This means there is no longer a significant compromise on the user experience. There’s a reason why companies like Microsoft, Tesla, and Puma have chosen React Native for their own apps!

Programming for React Native Apps
The MA Properties app on iOS & Android

What makes React Native the right choice for my project?

React Native has been an excellent choice for developing an app that runs on both iOS and Android since its inception in 2015. One reason is that it’s supported by Facebook, which means it’s constantly being improved and will continue to be supported in the future. But what else makes React Native a great development choice?

  • Consistency

    It’s easier to achieve a consistent look and feel between your app on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Build Off Existing Apps

    If you already have an iOS or Android app, you can use React Native instead of building from scratch.

  • Excellent Performance

    React Native apps are known to be very fast and can achieve smaller app sizes (faster to download and takes up less space on a user’s device).

How does React Native achieve native app performance?

The key to a React Native app’s speed lies within native modules that allow JavaScript and platform-native code to communicate over a bridge. The bridge helps React Native render the UI using its host platform’s standard rendering APIs, which makes the UI very responsive and stand apart from other hybrid frameworks.

Through this method, you’ll have access to the native calendar UI, for example, and can reuse existing libraries if you have code in something like Swift or Objective-C.

Diagram of the React Native Framework

The React Native App Development Process


We’ll deep dive into the requirements of your project to ensure that React Native is the best solution.


High-end wireframe tools like Justinmind are utilized to create a blueprint for your app.

UI/UX Design

We establish the look of your React Native app and how users will navigate from screen to screen.


This is where your app takes shape, and we start delivering functional prototypes during development cycles known as sprints.

QA Testing

Robust QA testing is a critical factor when developing an app. We squash bugs before releasing during the testing process.

Maintenance and Support

All apps require updates due to technology changes, market needs, and bugs. We are here to support you with quick updates when these events occur.

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Our Featured React Native Projects

Lionears app screenshot


The Lionears app has a very important purpose: to help parents and caregivers teach their autistic children skills of daily living and self-care. The app’s foundation is built on the principle that every child learns differently. Lionears aids the learning process by utilizing audio and video prompts.

The HereNow Provider app on iPhone


HereNOW, developed with React Native, The HereNow system actually consists of three apps: Connect, Provider, and Friends & Family. The goal is to provide holistic mental health treatment from addiction recovery, to PTSD, to employee wellness. It’s also extremely customizable so other organizations can onboard and make it their own.

React Native Staff Augmentation

Level up your internal development team with our vetted and experienced React Native developers, fluent in JavaScript/TypeScript.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

How does React Native achieve great performance?

React Native achieves high performance by rendering the host platform’s native UI elements by using native functions. The communication between the native functions and the JavaScript code happens over a bridge that is written in C/C++ and achieves quick reaction times for user actions.

Is React Native used to develop every aspect of an app?

React Native is used to develop the front-end or client side of the app. If your app requires a server architecture, for example, it will be created using another technology like .Net, NodeJS, or Golang.

Why should I choose hybrid development over native?

Native apps are written specifically for their platform. iOS uses Swift, and Android uses Kotlin and Java. Hybrid apps allow you to use one code base to develop for both iOS and Android. The latest hybrid technologies offer a great experience, but native is still better if your app uses GPS, animations, or hardware integration.

What’s the difference between React Native and Flutter?

React Native uses JavaScript and Flutter uses Dart. Generally speaking, you’ll have an easier time finding a JavaScript developer than a Dart developer. However, we have the expertise to work with both.